Haser Robot "laser" Personal Heater

Haser Quick Demo (1 min)

About. The Haser Robot Personal Heater heats only you wherever you are with a spotlight of radiant heat, even from a distance, even when you move, saving 40% or more on heating bills. It uses a webcam and AI (artificial intelligence) to track you. The video has an intro & a demonstration. It shows actual image processing footage from the unit. It's a bit crazy -- shaky camera time! Slides from the video are here.

How it works. Each possible object the webcam/computer sees is watched. When it detects a waving hand, it turns the heat on & focuses it on the person (in the video, shown by the box around the person turning yellow), always tracking, even when the person moves. It uses between 300 - 1000 Watts of power. You can turn up the heat by drawing a clockwise circle in the air with your arm and turn it down by drawing a counter-clockwise circle.  

Testing. To test it, we use a dark "hypercolor" jacket which changes color when heated. You can see the hand print created when it is touched firmly by a warm hand. Haser is able to put it in a spotlight of heat from 11ft away and change its color quickly. The heat itself is felt immediately, of course. A laser thermometer shows the sharp focus of the warmth: there is a 14°F difference between the jacket and its surroundings.  

Haser Full Intro & Demo (4:30 mins.)

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Many uses. Haser can be used in very many settings, including homes, offices, hospitals, outdoors, outdoor cafes, railway platforms, bus stations, hotel entrances (those poor doormen), factory & warehouse floors and even to melt snow on your driveway. It can even be used as floor radiant, heating the floor around you for even warmth. This takes a bit longer, of course.

Competitors. For contrast we use a competitor, Dyson's Bladeless Fan Heater. It costs about $400. The Dyson uses a whopping 1400-1700 Watts of power, measured at the wall socket using a Kill-a-Watt power meter. Its fan pushes warm air out (making it drier) about 7 feet but the feeling of warmth is very minimal. It takes about 3 times as long to warm an area, but it needs to be no more than 6 ft away -- half the distance of Haser. It is also quite loud -- Haser is mostly silent.  

Next steps. We are seeking licensing partner(s), manufacturers and sales channels. If you think you could have fun working with us on this,   email info@haser.us.  Thanks for watching!!!